Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tartan by design

As you know we have been working on a new tartan since coming up with the idea in January 2010. We have progressed this a lot and are nearing the final stage. We need to choose the colour and dye swatches and the latest CAD below shows the general appearance. Computer screens can make the colours appear very different from the real swatch dyes, but the finish is more rust than orange!

We showed you a copy of the print last week at practice but here it is again so do let us have your thoughts:

Sun, sausages and salads

The summer BBQ was well attended this year so thanks for coming. It was great to see so many of the younger players attend and the music was flowing by the end of the day.

Thanks to W for all her hard work, and who created a truly relaxing day for all of us. She proves again that a band is not just its pipers and drummers!

Thanks too for all the salads, desserts and other goodies so willingly given by so many. We missed some folks whose lives took them away but perhaps we can organise another social event later in the year-though I don't think we will be sitting around trying to remember how to play badminton!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Government House and H M birthday

Well it was a lovely summer evening on the 10 June 2011 when the pipe band took to the manicured lawns of Government House. We played Highland Cathedral alongside the Island of Jersey band to strong applause. We had some new faces in the band and the lament was played as the Union Flag came down with not a dry eye in the garden. Marching and counter marching was as smooth as silk so well done to one and all. The post event cup was enjoyed!

Practice on Thursday, last night, was excellent with a long session on the chanter and pipe in preparation for Howard Davis Park next tuesday evening. Its wet outside but that's an opportunity to make sure the ghillie brogues are polished and the kilts are pressed.

There are a few tunes being circulated over the next few days: Lexy McAskill, new setting, and the follow on tunes to the Haughs of Cromdale. These will be sent by the week end. The P/M asks that we "keep up the good work" and he looks forward to a run through at next weeks practice.

We are also planning a "workshop" to help pipers to help learn and memorise new tunes so expect an email or two on that topic. Perhaps a couple of hours one wet week end would be convenient.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Academy music tracks-CD's available

Thanks to JV and modern technology I have managed to record some of the academy pipe band chanter tracks onto CD's. From there you will be able to up & down load them to your play lists. Or even use the CD in the car, kitchen or other favoured place where you can run through the tunes. I will hand the CD's out tonight but if you can't make that let me know and I can arrange a copy for you.

Unfortunately I can not post the sound tracks on the blog, as it doesn't have that functionality,  but I can email music to you so let me know what tunes you need and I will do my best to get a version to you to support the sheet music.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Dates for your diaries

Lots of events coming up and further information will be supplied once our booking secretary returns from his golfing tour of Scotland, but note these dates in your diaries please. Thank you.

Queen's birthday at Government House,      Friday 10th June
St John Ambulance                                    Sunday 12th June-3 p.m. new street to Town hall
Armed Forces Day                                     Saturday 25th June between 11.30 am to 2.00pm 
Band B.B.Q                                               Sunday 26th June at 1.30 p.m.

Howard Davis Park                                    Tuesday 12th July 7.30 p.m. meet
Howard David Park                                    Tuesday 26th July 7.30 p.m. meet
Minden Day parade                                    Sunday 31st July 2011-time TBC

Howard Davis Park                                     Tuesday 9th August 7.30 p.m. meet
Wedding at Vermont House near five oaks   Saturday 27th August

Wedding at St Lawrence, &
Scottish Society Ceilidh    &
St Brelade's Social Club wedding                Saturday 17th September

Dragon Boat Race                                     Probably Saturday 17th September at St Helier marina
at 17th September - Play at an evening wedding reception & to play at the Scottish Society of Jersey's Family Ceilidh at St Brelades Social Club