Friday, 28 October 2011

RSPBA membership

Just a quick note to say that we have added eight new members to the RSPBA list for 2012.

In time you may well receive a members details form from the RSPBA Glasgow office to complete and return. Its important that you respond to this inquiry as its submission will complete your membership.

You will be alloted an RSPBA membership number which in time is used to check that you belong to the Jersey Pipe Band and can take part in RSPBA events and activities.

We are looking into which events may be of interest to our members. Check out their website for more details.

A new season starts

Well, summer is over and its time to get back to some piping.

The Pipe Major and Leading tip have agreed the play list and there is as we expected a few tunes to stretch us all but pleasingly the list still includes the Academy Play list of tunes. To recap: if you are an Academy member your priority tunes are:

  • Teribus & Chorriechoillie

  • Green Hills set

  • Mahri's wedding and Scotland the Brave (STB)

  • Wings set

  • The Gael

  • Competition Set (new but will run through it in a few months time)

  • There are other tunes in the play list but that's enough to get on with.

    A reminder: if you can not make practice please call me well in advance as there's no point me going up to the hall if no one else turns up as I know these tunes!!!   It happens!

    Saturday, 8 October 2011

    Lets get down to so work

    We are at the stage of having to learn the tunes we have been going through these last few months. It's not difficult as we have had a workshop on the method to use so please get the chanter out with the music and pick them up and practice, rehearse and learn! Don't just pay lip service to that just before a practice! Do it regularly to give your mind and fingers a chance! The tunes you need to have off by heart are:

    -Teribus and corriechoilles welcome
    Green Hills and when the battle is ore
    Maoris wedding and Scotland the brave